Martin Settle Artist-Poet
I am a self-taught assemblage artist and poet. My art consists of found objects mixed with concepts from science, philosophical speculations, stories from myth, and religious icons. Unlike many assemblage artists, my assemblages are conceptually-based; that is, each of my pieces is a habitat for an idea.

The assemblage photo on your left, “Descartes’ Dream,” is an example of how I go from ideas to sculpture. The picture is taken from the inside of a black box (40” by 24” by 30”). The dream inside the box relates to Rene’ Descartes’ actual dreams about a grid world. Descartes changed the Medieval world from thinking about eternity to thinking about infinity. When a viewer looks inside the box, he or she can see on grid mirrors LED lights going through cycles, a glass head, a glass cube, and himself or herself going off into infinity.