Maple Samaras
Maple Samaras is a collection of poems about the persona hidden in the lives of trees. Martin Settle is a poet that has long loved and observed trees. Over the years, he has given each species a personality based on traits of bark, bough, behavior, leaves, and seeds. For Settle, sweet gum trees represent seedy neighbors; swamp cypresses are portrayed as voodoo women; and trees of heaven are immigrants who have the stamina to survive under the worst conditions. Reading these poems is both a delight in personification and a lesson in tree identification. As Settle says in his concluding poem, “take no path/ that does not pass a tree/ and you will never be lost.”

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Wild Leek Press Inaugural Poetry Chapbook Competition 2017 honorable mention: Martin Settle, Maple Samaras (Link)

Review of Maple Samaras by Anne Kaylor in The Main Street Rag. a literary journal in Charlotte [The Main Street Rag, vol. 24, No. 1, Winter 2019, pp. I-II].